The Sherpa team provides clients with a one-stop, full service solution to help resolve marketing and communication challenges with focused and detailed executions. With over 20 years of experience across multiple categories, products, and services, we are fully equipped to help our clients achieve the most challenging marketing and sales goals.

Whether B2B or B2C campaigns, public agencies or private organizations, our team is ready to provide solutions that are fully customized, results-oriented, and driven by robust category and consumer insights.


We offer clients a fully integrated suite of services specifically designed to help identify and reach the right target audience, every time.

Working in a dynamic, collaborative partnership with all our clients, the team is constantly reviewing opportunities and monitoring campaign performance to assure we’re on track to deliver on all deliverables. The result are initiatives that engage consumers with compelling and impactful messaging via traditional media, digital platforms, or at outreach events.

We bring a collaborative approach to working with clients to define goals and objectives. Solid planning is at the core of our work and differentiates us from other small and medium size agencies.

We develop and implement research studies that deliver actionable insights applicable to all communications and don’t just sit on a bookshelf.

We are strong believers in the power of brands to create trust with consumers and stand out in crowded and competitive categories.

Whether we’re developing collateral materials, a landing page, or updating a client website we ensure that all elements reflect brand guidelines and provide the right information.

We manage all aspects of creative development and production from social media posts to collateral and YouTube videos. In English and en español.

We’ve collaborated with every major national retailer delivering Shopper Marketing solutions driven by brand insights and digital innovation. Learn more about our capabilities here.

Whether digital, social, or traditional media, our team is laser-focused on delivering campaign performance and optimization backed by proprietary and third-party audience data.

We’ll happily geek out and analyze sales data and customer databases for insights that help build SWOT analysis and establish KPIs that feed marketing objectives.

We collaborate with trusted community partners to craft impactful partnerships that bring compelling information to local communities and small businesses.

Marketing campaigns need internal buy-in and support to succeed. We support marketing clients in sharing campaign information with internal teams including sales, customer service, and regional management.

Our fully in-house bilingual and bicultural team has the experience and consumer insights to create and launch Hispanic initiatives locally and at the national level. Based in Los Angeles, the nation’s largest Hispanic market, we have unparalleled access to a vibrant community of content creators in English, Spanish, or even Spanglish campaigns.

Partnerships with local, well-known micro influencers reinforce brand appeal and relevance and give campaigns personalized visibility.



Sherpa has won competitive RFPs with some of the largest public agencies in the country, including the state of California and the City of Los Angeles. Our team is well versed in working with public agencies in a collaborative approach with superior attention to detail and on-time and on-budget project implementation.

We take pride in constantly seeking and collaborating with subcontracting partners that are WBE, DBE, and DVBE certified, helping to build capacity and contributing to economic growth in local communities.


We hold minority owned, disadvantaged, and small business certifications from local, state, and national certifying agencies with experience working as a prime and as subcontractor in a variety of contracts.

Sherpa has the following certifications with local, state, and national entities:

National Minority Development Council | Certified Minority-Owned Business.
State of California DGS
| Certified Small Business Enterprise.
State of California DGS | California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS).  
Los Angeles County | Community Business Enterprise (CBE) & Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE).
California United Certification Program (CUCP) | Certified DBE.
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) | Small Business Enterprise.





541613 Marketing Consulting.
541810 Advertising Agencies.
541830 Media Buying.
541870 Advertising Distribution.
541890 Other Advertising.
541910 Marketing Research.

60105409 Brand Marketing Materials.
82100000 Advertising.
82101800 Advertising Agency Services.
80140000 Marketing and Distribution.
80141500 Market Research.
80141501 Marketing Analysis.
80141505 Marketing Plans.
80141612 Sales or Marketing Programs.
80141633 Search Engine Marketing.
80151505 Multinational Marketing Enterprises.
80171600 Publicity and Marketing Support Services.
80171702 Brand Promotion and Management Service.

7311 Advertising Agencies.
7319 Media Buying Service.
8732 Market Research.
8742 Management Consulting Services.

512110 Video/Film Production.
541430 Graphic Design Services.
541511 Web Based Marketing Services.
541613 Marketing Consulting Services.
541810 Advertising Agencies.
541910 Marketing Research and Analysis.



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